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In 2004, SHARNDY began to export heating products, in 2009, factory named EDEANS was founded, which engaged to research modern and elegant electric heating items under brand “SHARNDY”. As we are so concentrated on our innovation, which would largely speed the way an enterprise moves forward, now SHARNDY has developed into the comfortable Ele普通

ctric Heating Industry, and will always keep on going ahead to be the leader in the field.


SHARNDY Company is located in Zhenhai District, Ningbo city, covering an area of 11,000 square meters, over 160 staffs,with 9 departments including General Manager Office, R&D Dept, Sales Dept, PMC Dept, Manufacturing Dept, Purchasing Dept. Quality Control Dept, H&R Dept, and Financial Dept.






So far, SHARNDY has widely developed four electric heating items for choice, electric towel warmers, electric clothes dryer racks, electric shoes warmers, and underfloor heating systems. Products are mainly exported to Australia, New Zealand, European and American areas, with annual volume of export reaching to 10 million USD dollars in 2013 year.


At present, trademarks such as “SHARNDY” “EDEANS” “XITING” are registered in China, also “SHARNDY” and “EDEANS” are successfully registered in America, European Union, Australia, Russia and HongKong. Products with our brands share the markets overseas.


Enterprise Culture

Observing the business idea of ”Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency and Cooperation”, pursuing the spirit of “Do Pioneering Work Together, Bring Forth New Ideas Ceaselessly, Take Delight in Devotion and Strive for Excellence”, SHARNDY focus on building a team, that is full of energy, innovation and teamwork spirit. As the realization of great sense well-qualified personnel made in development of enterprise, SHARNDY tries best to satisfy staff members both in mental and physical demands.

SHARNDY makes professional career planning for each member, showing the way the staff will be promoted by working hard. SHARNDY enhance the collective sense of honor and belongings by enriching life for staff members.

Organize the annul tourism activity for employees, cocktail party, and sales activity special for staff. Regularly, each member in the company enjoys the paid annual leave. Also, SHARNDY rewards excellent personnel every half year, creating a good environment and platform for staff to enjoy the work here and achieve what they want.


Product Functions and Features

SHARNDY will focus on what we have now and what we struggle for, endeavor to make company famous for its brand of “SHARNDY” in the global electric heating market.  

Aimed at being the famous electric heating company in the global market, SHARNDY has been engaged in offering electric heating products, including electric towel warmers, electric clothes dryers, electric shoes warmers, and underfloor heating system, helping to create a healthy and comfortable life for people. Electric towel warmers efficiently dry off soppy towels, well protecting you from being inflected by bacteria. Electric Clothes dryer could be conveniently and widely used on rainy and wet days, especially suitable for some big families to use in the daily life. When no power supplied, electric clothes dryer can work as an ordinary one with stuff placed on the surface, put outside the door. Electric shoes warmers are very helpful in drying up shoes and socks in snowy and rainy days, so popular among those whose feet are easy to sweat. Underfloor heating systems are designed to make life warm and comfortable by transmitting heat from the floor, making great sense, also difference from air conditioner. Based on the demands from customers, SHARNDY will keep researching & developing more artistic and pleasing intelligent electric heated products for choice in the future.



Quality Management

Guided by “6S” management philosophy, SHARNDY was approved by ISO9001:2008 international quality management system in 2011 year. Now Quality Control Dept is composed of over 12 members, separately responsible for implementing what required by international certification institutes, internal training, supervision of supplied materials and production process. 

With over 70 approved certificates, including UL, CUL, GS, S-Mark, SAA, C-tick, CE, EMC, LVD, Kucas, Kc, RoHS, CQC etc, also IP55 protection grade for electric towel warmers, IP22 for electric clothes dryers and electric shoes warmers, and IEC60335 test, SHARNDY has successfully found the access to different overseas markets, such as European Countries, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, China and so on.

In order to well control the quality of materials, professional QC is asked to inspect the quality in the factory before purchasing.Only with high-quality materials offered, can SHARNDY make the good products, meeting strict demands from customers.

Based on the “Zero Defect” management philosophy, QC dept. insists on solving problems happening during production process on the scene, guaranteeing each working procedure and actively bringing in error-proofing devices, in case of any abnormal occurrence, also encourages staff to discuss and figure out the solutions to the problems.       



Research & Development

R&D team is made up of 12 members, fully applying their knowledge and initiative to developing more electric heated products.

In order to design practical and beautiful items, loved by customers, R&D personnel focus on their learning and the accumulation of knowledge, they also take part in so many exhibitions at home and abroad, aimed at improving the level of research and development. R&D team work efficiently to shorten the development process, promoting the new products to win the markets at the earliest time. So far, R&D team keep designing 24 new models and put into production each year, highly appreciated in the field.

By the end of 2016 year, SHARNDY has successfully acquired over 200 intellectual property rights, covering the markets like Canada, America, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, China Mainland and Hong Kong.

In the new year of 2017, SHARNDY will keep investing in researching and developing products, found Engineering Center, in the purpose of providing customers with more elegant and comfortable intelligentized electric heating products.